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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nuts and Bolts of Artistry

And what did we buy at the auction? A few minor antiquish things -- and quite a lot of nuts and bolts -- pounds and pounds of them -- for use in upcoming projects. A woman nearby looked down at our pile of cardboard trays full of old hardware and said, "Are you an artist?"

To be an artist ... is that what it means, these days, to buy nuts and bolts?

I haven't weighed all this iron ... but when I piled the trays for carrying toward the car, Martha refused to lift the piles three-trays deep. When I was then loading them into the car and expecting its back end to sink down, I noticed that the hardware would be joining the weight already there.

We still had the 75-pound bag of sand in the back -- against the snowy, icy roads that we have not had for a month or more.

March came in like a lamb and it left like a lamb ... or perhaps like a toy lion.

Cheers ...

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