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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Celebrating King's Day

Martha and I observed Martin Luther King day, yesterday, by reading aloud from a slender paperback.

Back in the middle 1970s I had the opportunity to hear Dick Gregory speak, at University of Ottawa, Kansas. All I can remember is being impressed and entertained ... and lifted. Would I have known Gregory's name had he not appeared there, in Kansas, in person? I am not sure at all: for Cosby's was the dominant voice of Black American comedy on TV and radio.

At some point, much later, I lucked upon Gregory's From the Back of the Bus, an Avon book from the early 1960s.

This was what I trotted out for a little read-aloud over whisky during our evening happy hour.

And this morning, when doing some organizing in the workroom of the house, I came across a small package of items Dick Gregory might have appreciated.

"Colored nails," the package reads.

In the hardware business, colored nails are the ones painted white.

Cheers ...

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