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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last Wednesday's Sourdough Pancakes

No two batches of sourdough pancakes are alike -- partly because the ingredients and proportions vary from time to time, and partly because the sourdough starter is never the same from day to day. My sourdough starter, though, is almost always primarily rye, with some oats.

1 cup: rye flour
1/2 cup: buckwheat flour
a teaspoon more or less: baking powder
pinch: salt
whisper: cinnamon
about a quarter or third of whole: mandarin-orange peel, or tangerine peel (we happened to have the former), finely chopped

Mix all that in one container.

2 cups: sourdough starter
4: eggs
splash: vanilla

Mix that; add to it the dry ingredients; add water to achieve a desirable not-too-thick consistency. I perhaps added not quite enough water. Mine was not a flowing batter -- rather something between that and a spooning batter.

A Scottiedog loves her pancakes with butter and maple syrup -- which is why we make rye-buckwheat pancakes. We keep her away from wheat and corn; but we cannot keep her away from a breakfast table with sourdough pancakes.

Cheers ...

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